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Soft Prep Punk Robots

The name's Sara

[she/her pronouns]

Welcome to the blog! Enjoy your stay, there's plenty of robots for everyone!


Aug 27 '14

princessskittybot asked:

ok so headcanon when the spine was powered on for the first time rabbit's face was the first thing he saw. what if. they power rabbit on after her regenderation upgrades and the first thing she sees is a very exited yet anxious looking the spine looking at her nervously waiting for her to power on and thats the first thing she sees in hd

Aug 27 '14

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Aug 27 '14

i’ve got to make a book cover for the scarlet letter in art class starting tomorrow b/c we’re doing banned books and i’ve read tsl, i just dont know which of the symbolisms i should use

Aug 27 '14

theregoesmyfearow well i don’t really know how to reply to that, but i’m sorry about that

Aug 27 '14

i’ve kind of admired nicki minaj from a distance, seein’ gifs and pics of her and her coolness, but lately her music has been growin on me too

Aug 27 '14

lopbunnyboy asked:

pretty sure this is simple, but dib, upgrade, and the spine. uou


Aug 27 '14

shadowofthelamp asked:

Dib, Jade Harley, and The Spine.

Aug 27 '14


when someone asks if they can draw or write you a thingimage

Aug 27 '14


you are married to your icon for 1 year congrats

Aug 27 '14

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

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